CCCT announces #auditions for its upcoming production of  Agatha Christie’s “Secret of Chimneys“. Auditions will be held Sunday & Monday, November 10 & 11 @ 7pm at the theater. Performances are January 10-26, 2020.

Chimneys plunges the play-goer deep into Christie’s world of old country houses, murder, spies, mistaken identity, stolen diamonds, master thieves, deposed Royalty, and a dash of romance.

The play revolves around Anthony Cade, a young drifter who seems to have found more trouble than he bargained for when he agrees to deliver a parcel to an English country estate known as Chimneys. 

The Council Chambers at Chimneys, the Brent family estate, holds a dark and intriguing secret and someone will stop at nothing to prevent the monarchy being restored in faraway Herzoslovakia.

A young drifter finds more than he bargained for when he agrees to deliver a parcel to an English country estate. Little did Anthony Cade suspect that a simple errand on behalf of a friend would make him the centrepiece of a murderous international conspiracy. A sinister plot rife with diamonds, oil conessions, exiled royalty, an elusive master criminal and the combined forces of Scotland Yard and the French Surete.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Casting needs For more information, email the director, Aprille Meek.


  • Anthony Cade – aka Jimmy McGrath, aka ? – an adventurer, may be more than what he presents to be, smitten by Virginia Revel.
  • Virginia Revel – a young widow, enjoys life, smitten by Anthony Cade.
  • Superintendent Battle – Scotland Yard  Battle is notable for his stolid good sense and careful management of information as a case proceeds. He relies in part on the public notion that police detectives are stupid or unimaginative, when he has a very  good idea of just what is happening and why.
  • Lord Caterham –  Clement Edward Alistair Brent, 9th Marquis of Caterham, Lord Caterham, lord of the manor, younger brother of the late Foreign Secretary, prefers golf to politics.
  • Lady Eileen Brent (nicknamed Bundle) a young energetic, “modern” woman, daughter of Lord Caterham.
  • The Honourable George Lomax, of the Foreign Office, cousin of Virginia Revel has an enormous sense of his own importance.
  • Bill Eversleigh – a likeable young man, friend of Bundles, works for George Lomax, Foreign Office.
  • Treadwell – the butler of Lord Caterham In charge at Chimneys.
  • Monsieur Lemoine  – a mysterious foreigner. Later identified as  French Securite.
  • Herman Banks – a powerful financier, impressive, dominating,
  • Boris Andrassy, valet/bodyguard to Prince Michael.
  • The Stranger – speaks with a foreign accent, later revealed to be Prince Michael Obolovitch, Crown  Prince of Herzoslovakia.
  • An older lady part of tour group old lady – One line Act 1 scene 1.
  • Monsieur X – French, appears once near end of play but a crucial reveal.


CCCT prides itself as being a place for people who have always wanted to get involved in theatre but never had the chance. We often cast people with little experience – our job is to serve our community by providing an artistic release for everyone. We’d love to have you join us.

Audition nights are a perfect time to come out, meet the director, and express your interest in helping out backstage, be it in the role of a stage manager, lights & sound operator, concessions, or whatever else you might like to do.

Clear Creek Community Theatre is located at 18091 Upper Bay Road in Nassau Bay, TX 77058.  Click for a google map.   Our box office phone number is: 281-335-5228

“Clear Creek has a great depth of talent in its acting pool and it’s always good to see all roles, large and small, performed to a high standard.”

Shannon Caldwell , The Galveston Daily News



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