A Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol

Auditions October 13 & 14

 The classic holiday tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly man who greets each Christmas with a “Bah, humbug!”. Scrooge’s story of redemption remains as powerful and uplifting as it ever was. This adaptation stays true to the original characters but also weaves in elements from other Dickens’ Christmas stories including “Cricket on the Hearth” and “The Goblins Who Stole the Sexton”.

The tale begins on a  Christmas Eve  seven years after the death of Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner Jacob Marley. Scrooge has no place in his life for kindness, compassion, charity or benevolence. He hates Christmas, calling it “humbug,”

Scrooge is visited by Marley’s ghost who warns him to change his ways. Scrooge is then visited by three additional ghosts—each in its turn, who accompanies him to various scenes with the hope of achieving his transformation. Scrooge becomes different man overnight and now treats his fellow men with kindness, generosity and compassion, gaining a reputation as a man who embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Ebenezer Scrooge
Jacob Marley
Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Christmas Present
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Bob Cratchett
Mrs. Cratchett
Martha Cratchett – oldest daughter 16-18
Peter Cratchett-  14- 16
Belinda Cratchett 12-14
Tim Cratchett 10-12
John and Mary  Cratchett  age7-10
Fred- Scrooge’s nephew
Fred’s Wife
Gentleman 1 and 2
Young Scrooge – 8-12
Young Fan – Scrooge’s sister 8-12
Fezziwig and Mrs. Fezziwig
Young Man Scrooge 17- 22
Dick Wilkins 17 -22
Fezziwig Daughter 1 and 2
Belle’s Husband & children
Topper- Fred’s Friend
Mrs. Dilber
Old Joe
Caroline & Husband
Singing Boy
Fred’s Sisters-in-law
Baker, Grocer,  Merchants
Lighthouse Men, Shipsmen
Want & Ignorance-2 young children

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