Sunday May 22 and Monday May 23 at 6pm

at CCCT’s rehearsal space 18022-24 Nassau Bay Drive. 

Auditions will be cold readings from the script however if you have a monologue you want to present feel free, but it’s not mandatory. We may do some improv as well for a bit of fun.

The Merry Wives of Windsor is the tale of the rascal knight Sir John Falstaff and the wise wives of Windsor in one of Shakespeare’s most raucous comedies. With an ego as big as his voracious appetite, Falstaff conspires to woo the two wealthiest married ladies in town and pocket their riches. However, Mistress Ford and Mistress Page devise a scheme of their own to teach him a well-deserved lesson in Wooing 101

We are looking for a diverse cast so there are roles for all ages, genders, ethnicities, and looks. Each of the roles require an ability with language, and several will require some form of dialect work. If that is something you have not done before, THAT IS OKAY! We’ll work with you to get there. And don’t let Shakespeare scare you off it’s ENGLISH not a foreign language! There is some fun physical comedy, but by and large this is a play about words and the comedy comes from that.

Age ranges for the characters is fairly fluid and is more a matter of matching up groups of characters within the play. For example, the Ford and Page couples, plus Falstaff, should probably be fairly close in age (although perhaps Falstaff could be a little bit older). Anne, Fenton, Slender and Falstaff’s entourage (Bardolph/Nym/Pistol) are all younger. The remainder of the roles are very flexible – Mistress Quickly is a good example who could probably be anything from 20s to 70s, in the hands of the right actress.

Performances will be at the Bayou Theatre on the University of Houston Clear Lake campus. July 15 – 24th. Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

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  • Sir John Falstaff – a farcical old knight, Sir John tries to “woo” Mistress Page and Mistress Ford; he is unsuccessful and becomes, instead, the butt of their jokes.
  • Mistress Alice Ford – wife of Ford and object of Falstaff’s wooing.
  • Frances Ford – a gentleman of Windsor and husband of Mistress Alice Ford, Master Ford disguises himself as “Brook” to spy on his wife and Falstaff.
  • Mistress Margaret Page – wife of Page and object of Falstaff’s wooing.
  • George Page – a gentleman of Windsor and husband of Mistress Margaret Page, Master Page is more reasonable and less jealous than Master Ford.
  • Mistress Ann Page – daughter of the Pages; falls and love and elopes with Fenton.
  • Fenton – a penniless gentleman and suitor of Anne Page, Fenton is Anne’s true love and elopes with her, in defiance of her parents.
  • Mistress Quickly – servant of Doctor Caius.
  • Dr. Caius – a French physician and unsuccessful suitor of Anne Page.
  • Sir Hugh Evans – a Welsh parson.
  • Robert Shallow – a country justice, Shallow encourages his nephew Slender’s suit of Anne Page.
  • Abraham Slender – a cousin of Shallow and unsuccessful suitor of Anne Page, Slender’s wit is as slim as his name implies.
  • Bardolph – any gender – friends of Falstaff part of his entourage
  • Pistol – any gender – friends of Falstaff part of his entourage
  • Nym – any gender – friend of Falstaff part of his entourage
  • Robin – Falstaff’s page
  • Peter Simple – a servant of Slender.
  • John Rugby – servant of Doctor Caius.


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