Run for Your Wife

Run for Your Wife

Auditions  January 5 and 6

The story of London cab driver John Smith, with two wives, two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both. With one wife at home in Streatham and another at home in Wimbledon,he manages to juggle them both without arousing suspicion. However, he gets caught up in a mugging, and he wakes up in a hospital. He ends up with Mary instead of with Barbara, with whom he should be at the moment, and he now has to deal with explaining this problem to both of his wives and the police all at once.

John Smith – Unassuming with a secret life, quick-witted, inventive
Mary Smith
John’s wife
Barbara Smith
– John’s other wife
Detective Sergeant Troughton
– Young police detective, very earnest
Detective Sergeant Porterhourse 
– Older police detective, more seasoned, bemused
Bobby Franklyn
– Flamboyant, dress designer, one of John Smith’s upstairs neighbors
Stanley Gardner 
– Upstairs neighbor, brash, wise-cracking, smart but lazy, a good friend
Newspaper Reporter

Directed by Craig Trauschke

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