Go Back for Murder

Go Back for Murder

Auditions November 17 & 18

Carla Le Marchant learns a disturbing family secret: her mother, Caroline Crale, died in prison after being convicted for killing her father. Carla, determined to clear her mother’s name, enlists the help of Justin Fogg; the son of her mother’s defense lawyer. All the players return to the scene of the crime and turn back time through their memories to uncover the truth. Suspects, secrets, and suspense abounds.


  • Justin Fogg – solicitor in the office of Fogg, Fogg, Bamfylde and Fogg – young man, sober, staid but likeable
  • Turnball – elderly clerk in the law office
  • Carla Le Marchant – pretty and determined also plays Caroline Crale her mother
  • Jeff Rogers – Carla’s fiancé, a big slick self satisfied man good looking and insensitive to others
  • Phillip Blake – Amyas Crales friend, self important with traces of nervous irritability. He is very sure of himself
  • Meredith Blake – Phillips older brother, pleasant rather vague man, gives the impression of being ineffectual and irresolute
  • Elsa Greer/Lady Melksham – the “other” woman, beautiful and extremely smart
  • Miss Williams – the nanny; intelligent, pedagogic manner
  • Angela Warren – Caroline Crale’s half sister, a woman of distinguished appearance
  • Amyas Crale – the artist, a big handsome man to whom nothing matters as much as his paintings


  • Actors will play their characters in two different decades.
  • Directed by Aprille Meek 
  • Rehearsal schedule will work around the holidays as best as possible – as usual.

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